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Zombies shuffling towards console MMO

November 24, 2009

Seattle, Washington based Undead Labs, is currently working on a console bound MMOZ. MMOZ? Yeah, Mass Multiplayer Online Zombie Game. So really that’s MMOZG, which looks like something a 14 year old girl would text to her friends. Hit the jump for more brain eating news.


World of Warcraft Movie gets War Movie Writer

October 13, 2009

Last we heard about the World of Warcraft movie, Sam Raimi was set to direct. There is an update to the WoW progress. They have a writer, one you wouldn’t expect for a video game movie.


New races rumored for World of Warcraft expansion

August 10, 2009

world-of-warcraft-logoDone with Wrath of the Lich King yet? Better finish up, Cataclysm is coming out soon! What’s is it? Oh it’s just a new expansion for WoW, and there are two new races rumored…


Guess who’s directing the World of Warcraft movie

July 22, 2009

world-of-warcraft-logoI know who’s going to direct it! Do you? Well if you were reading Ain’t it Cool News you would already know, but why go to them. We are just as cool!