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No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise Trailer

December 4, 2009

Here is the first trailer for Grasshopper Manufacture’s No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise. Still no word on a U.S. release, but they have said that the motion control ( which pretty much made NMH) is being taken out of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions. This writer has only one thing to say to that; DUUUHHHHHHHHHH. I wouldn’t think that anyone would expect the game to retain the motion controls for the HD consoles, even if the PS3 has a motion control set up. The Sixaxis probably isn’t precise enough for it.

No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise in Trouble

November 22, 2009

Recently Grasshopper Manufacture made an announcement that No More Heroes would be getting an upgrade and coming out on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The game will be getting a complete HD upgrade and controller change and will release under the title No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise. There is just one little problem..


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Launch Trailer

September 13, 2009

Tuesday is going to be awesome! MUA2 releases the 15th, choose your side and join the fight.

Wii Internet Channel now free!

September 1, 2009

wii-internet-channel-1Remember when the Internet channel on the Nintendo Wii was a free trial? Then after that you had to pay 500 points, or $5, in order to keep it?

There was a price drop on the channel, a 500 point price drop! That’s right, you can now have the internet channel on your wii for frii…I mean free!

Wait, you paid for it? Don’t worry, you are getting a refund…sorta. Nintendo is giving people that paid for the internet channel a “free” Nintendo game from the Virtual Console.

The internet channel is officially free to U.S. residents today, the game deal doesn’t start until October and lasts until the end of the year.

Source: Kotaku

Earthworm Jim crawling to consoles again!

August 17, 2009

jimSega has been running a poll for which Genesis game you wanted to see come to the download markets of our current systems. Earthworm Jim crushed them under his super suit boot! I’m not sure why Sega was deciding this, EWJ was on just about every system there was in the 90’s.


Penny Arcade Expo Schedule

August 12, 2009

pax-penny-arcade-expo-logoSo many conventions going on! This time I’ve got the Penny Arcade Expo schedule for you! Hit the link and bust out the day planner!

Source: PAX

The Ultimate Rock Band/Guitar Hero Instrument List

August 5, 2009

2Ever wonder if your old Rock Band or Guitar Hero stuff will work with new games? Wonder no more! The Rock Band site has up a list of every possible combination of instruments possible. Spanning from Rock Band, Guitar Hero and even Rock Revolution. The list features every system out from Playstation 2 and up.

Source: Rock Band Instrument List via Kotaku

Dead Space being turned into a movie

July 27, 2009

deadspace2Yup, Dead Space is being turned into a movie. Seems everything is being turned into a movie one way or another. Games, books, board games, and television shows. Read more to see news on the production and other EA games being turned into movies.


Love/Hate: Difficulty Level

July 26, 2009

lovehate copy

Difficulty level  is the factor that separates the men from the boys, or the girls from the women (yes there are girl gamers, don’t freak out). Difficulty is a huge factor in games. Games can be too hard, and they can be too easy, and sometimes they are just right. Gamers all have their own preference for difficulty. I like a challenge when I play, but that same challenge can also discourage me from playing. This week I’m touching on difficulty and why we love and hate it.


Lazy Sunday Art Project: Cubeecraft

July 19, 2009

logoSo it’s sunday. Probably nothing to do right now. Already did your chores and ran your errands, nothing on tv, and no games to play. Well bust out the scissors and start cutting some paper, I’ve got a project for you!


Love/Hate: Achievements and Trophies

July 18, 2009


Oh game related awards. How we love them, but at the same time hate them. They give us something to work towards, something to strive for in our games. For some they mean more than to others, I know a guy that’s got an 80k gamer score on Xbox Live. The dude is serious business. In PS3 trophies…That’s like level 20 or something. I’m not really sure how those work. I’m assuming they are the same as achievements, just a different scoring method.


Christina Aguilera can’t play Wii

July 16, 2009

crwiiChristina Aguilera not only has a name that’s hard to spell, but she has a hard time playing the Wii and the internets have taken noitce. Who is to blame for this?


Gamepro still exists?

July 16, 2009

gamepro001Yes, they still exist. Surprised the crap outta me, but this isn’t about the magazine, it’s about the ULTIMATE GAME ROOM!!!