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Happy Thanksgiving

November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, and a Happy Thursday to everyone else outside the U.S.

Warning: Crazy Super Not Work Safe


Get ready for Black Friday

November 15, 2009

Here in the states we have our Christmas decorations up in July. No one cares about anything but Christmas from October until probably January. It’s a sad disturbing fact.

In these crappy economic times, money is tight. We are looking for anyway to save a couple bucks when we shop. Tis’ the season to be spending it seems. Don’t fret, the fake holiday Black Friday is just around the corner! Screw Thanksgiving, it’s Christmas shopping time!

I found a decent site that has a collection of this year’s Black Friday ads. That way you can save the change you would spend on a news paper, and use it to buy an HDTV or something!

Source: Black Friday Ads