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Zombies shuffling towards console MMO

November 24, 2009

Seattle, Washington based Undead Labs, is currently working on a console bound MMOZ. MMOZ? Yeah, Mass Multiplayer Online Zombie Game. So really that’s MMOZG, which looks like something a 14 year old girl would text to her friends. Hit the jump for more brain eating news.


Kerrigan is a Cylon

August 24, 2009

thNo this isn’t about Battlestar Galactica. It’s about Tricia Helfer joining the voice cast on Starcraft II. Helfer will be taking the role of Kerrigan, the Terran Psychic turned Zerg Commander.

The original voice actor for Kerrigan was Glynnis Talken Campbell. Blizzard did not ask her to come back to reprise the role. She did the Kerrigan voice in the 2008 Starcraft II trailer, but has since been replaced by Helfer.

Source: IGN

Starcraft Zerg Rushing 2010

August 5, 2009

zerg-rush Kekeke Zerg Rush! So the release of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty has been pushed back. This isn’t all bad news, it gives Activision Blizzard a chance to get things in working order.