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Blomkamp working on new Sci-Fi movie

October 25, 2009

With the huge success from District 9, another production company has given Blomkamp another shot at the screen. Media Rights Capital is committed to another Blomkamp movie for 2012.

This new movie is NOT a D9 sequel. This project is a standalone piece, but the sequel will be the next thing the director/writer works on.

Source: Variety


September 8, 2009

There has been talk about a live action Akira movie for some time now. Latest new was that it was dead and buried, that no one was working on it. Turns out that was a lie! There will be a live action Akira movie. That is really a mixed blessing.


Imagine Masdar

September 7, 2009

Masdar City,masdar meaning literally “The Source” is the city of the future. Masdar City claims to be the worlds first self sufficient city, with no carbon foot print and recycling everything. There is just something I can’t quite put my finger on…


District 9: No Humans Allowed!

August 16, 2009


I just got back from seeing District 9. Go see it. I know I kind of ruined my review before the jump. Stop reading now and go see it. You should have seen it Friday or at the midnight Thursday show. If you still want to read what I have to say hit the jump. There may be spoilers ahead.


Andrew W.K. greatest Japanofile ever?

August 15, 2009

Anime W.K.When was the last time you listened to Andrew W.K.? Recently? Few months ago? Sometime in the last year? I know when I play Dynasty Warriors: Gundam I play I Get Wet on full volume while I slice through Mobile Suits. Joe can attest to this, A.W.K + D.W.G = Win. But wait..what’s this, Mobile Suit W.K.?


Avatar: Not just bending air

July 24, 2009

image.axdSo James Cameron’s mind explosion Avatar premiered 25 minutes of footage at Comic-Con. io9 has a great write up of the footage they saw. But there is more to this story than just a link to someone else having fun.


New Screen Writer for World War Z

July 17, 2009

World_War_Z_book_coverWorld War Z, for those that don’t know, is a book about the world after a zombie war. It is told from an interview standpoint. The author, Max Brooks, interviews people that had a part in the war, or lived through it. The audio book is amazing for it cause it’s a different voice for each person. Brad Pitt’s production company “Plan B” is currently making the movie for WWZ. There are just a few snags…


Baltimore Weekend Part 1, Moon

July 14, 2009


If you know me then you know I love classic sci-fi. (more…)

What is Paul?

July 12, 2009

what_is_paulPaul is a new movie staring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and an Alien. Sounds like a typical day if you ask me…