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Richmond,VA Comic Con November 21-22

November 11, 2009

Virginia is getting its first 2-day comic convention in 25 years. VA Comic Con is coming to Richmond November 21-22. I thought we had some writers here from Richmond that would have told you about this sooner, but I’m still the only one writing here…


Carytown Watermelon Festival!!

August 8, 2009

What originally started as one Carytown vendor giving out watermelon has now turned into a annual event, with a lot more watermelons. The Watermelon festival is in its 26th year and is one of Carytowns signature events with all of the stores moving merchandise onto the side walks; offering up super sales and watermelons. Not only that, but it’s also to include the musical stylings of The Ragdolls who play rock and roll covers from the 60’s to the present.

It’s going on this Sunday, 8/09/09, from 10am-6pm. Should be a lot of fun if you don’t have anything planned for tomorrow. I know I’m going, maybe I’ll see you there!!

48 Hour Film Project invades Richmond…again

July 17, 2009

48 film

Starting today in Richmond, filmmakers have a grueling 48 hours to start and complete a film and no I didn’t photoshop those images.


Best Friends Day 8

July 16, 2009

BFD_Pedro_FINAL-2Once a year every denizen of Richmond’s darkest pits crawls out on their bellies to experience the awe inspiring event that is Best Friends Day. The event unites the drunken hordes into one collective of partying machines. Some of the best stories I’ve heard have been of the shenanigans that ensued and each person has a unique tale to tell. Of all my years spent in Richmond I have not been able to attend Best Friends Day either due to work or school, till this year. This is finally my year to see what everyone has been raving about, better late than never.


My Bloody Valentine… in VA!

July 12, 2009

my bloody valentine

Anyone who knows me probably knows that my love for My Bloody Valentine is the closest I’ll get to being obsessed for a band. I was surprised that they rebanded for the first time since 1997, and now they’re coming to Richmond, Virginia?!

July 15th Barwell Family Benefit Show! Richmond Va!

July 11, 2009

Have nothing planned this Wednesday? Wondering what’s going on in this flyer? Maybe you should read more.


Bicycle Film Fest

July 9, 2009


July 10-11 Gallery Five in Richmond Virginia, will be taking part in the Bicycle Film Festival. Showing some pretty cool movies about lovin’ bikes, it doesn’t matter what you ride or if your ride, you should still go check them out.