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Holy crap! Demonoid is back!

December 13, 2009

Seriously! Go look! After a long 3 month downtime, the free rental site is back up. Their main page says they are running a test script to see how things work, but the downloads are working. There have been some minor problems connecting to the site, but that may be from all the people trying to connect at once.

Source: Demonoid


Missing: Demonoid

September 20, 2009

If you belong to certain circles on the internet, you may have noticed on of the more well known “free rental sites” has gone dark. Usually in times like these, the internet will panic, crying out that powers beyond their control have swooped in and crushed the site. In Demonoid’s history it’s not the first time the site has encountered problems.


One out of three people are music pirates

July 24, 2009

pistol-pirate-bustYou, your neighbor and your friend. One of you is a music pirate. It’s ok, I won’t tell, your secret is safe with me.


The Pirate Bay: Time to jump ship?

July 16, 2009

tpbAh Pirate Bay…What a tough time you’ve recently had. Sure does suck now that your owners were convicted, but that doesn’t matter. What really matters is the future of The Bay. Pirate Bay (Not related to Michael Bay) has been the target of most of the world’s hatred for internet piracy. But what is happening with The Bay now?