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Official: Michael Bay working on Transformers 3

December 14, 2009

From his official forum “Shoot for the Edit,” Bay has announced that he is working on Transformers 3. Originally he was going to take a year off and do other projects, but he has changed his plan and is working on TF3 for a July 2011 release.

[Autor’s Note] To make this post better, imagine Optimus Prime tearing off robot faces while each space between words is an explosion. Baytastic.

Source: Shoot for the Edit

Black Cat’s story in Spider-Man 4

November 15, 2009

Black Cat is straying from her comic book story for the upcoming Spider-Man 4.

Reports from Hey You Guys is saying that instead of trying to get her father out of prison, she is the daughter of the new editor at The Daily Bugle. She falls in love with Peter Parker, and discovers his super hero identity. Her father then dies, and she becomes a threat to Parker.

Doesn’t seem to be sticking true to her thief story roots. But when has a super hero movie stayed to the original story exactly?

Source: Hey You Guys

Cort and Fatboy: Mediocrity at its finest

November 10, 2009

I doubt many of you have heard of these guys. Cort and Fatboy once hosted “The Cort and Fatboy” show on KUFO out of Portland, Oregon. You might be saying to yourself, “Wait, Nick is from Roanoke, VA. How does he know about this?!” A friend of mine on Xbox Live told me about them and I’ve been listening to them for a while.

Recently Cort and Fats had been fired from their spot on KUFO due to new owners and the owners screwing everything up. The community freaked out, without their afternoon radio hosts, daytime entertainment would suck!

Well the guys are back, and they have their own show on their website. They provide a daily podcast for your listening pleasure. They focus mainly on pop culture and current events. So if you need a good laugh, or just want to hear some smart mouthed snark, check them out.

Cort and

Rachel McAdams as Black Cat?

November 10, 2009

Mania is reporting that Rachel McAdams has auditioned for Felicia Hardy in Spider-Man 4. Felicia Hardy, a.k.a. Black Cat, meets Spidey while being a cat burglar ( silly name, cause you don’t steal cats) to get her father out of prison.

Later on in their story, Black Cat becomes Spidey’s stalker, and they form a relationship. The story in the movie could work the same way, and give Sony another character to do a spin-off with.

No word on if she is confirmed for the role, or if anyone else has beat her to it.

Mania is also reporting that casting for a male villain for the movie is happening as well. No one knows who this will be yet, considering Spider-Man punches lots of bad dudes in the face.

Source: Mania

Yogi Bear Movie Being Worked On

November 7, 2009

The Smarter than Average Bear will be staring with his vertically challenged friend in a feature length movie. This won’t be your everyday animated straight to DVD movie. Instead it is a theatrical release, with a live action CGI mix. So think Garfield…


Is there going to be a Ouija Board movie?

November 5, 2009

I really don’t want that board to point to yes…but it will. Yes, it’s true. The Ouija Board is getting it’s own movie. Just when you thought Hollywood couldn’t come up with anything original, they start making board game movies…


Watch Jake Gyllenhaal jump on some stuff…

November 2, 2009

Man causes hospital blackout cause of Silent Hill

October 29, 2009

Video games have been blamed for a lot. Murder, shootings, car theft. You name it, people have blamed it on games. This is a new one.


You got District 9 in my God of War 3! You got God of War 3 in my District 9!

October 28, 2009

d9gow3I know the title makes this combination seem like a strange crossover game or movie, in a perfect world this would be true, and awesome. Instead we live in the crappy real world where our game characters can’t beat up on movie characters.


Mad Max: Fury Road News

October 28, 2009

I’ll just let the director, George Miller, do the talking. He seems to be doing a lot of casting work, and getting things ready for filming. I’m glad he’s taking the movie seriously and putting some effort into it.

The movie has a $100 Million budget and will be shooting in various locations in Australia.


Zombies invade Monroeville Mall

October 25, 2009

Whoa whoa whoa..Calm down, put the shotgun away. Zombies didn’t really invade a mall, at least not real zombies. On October 11th a group of 2,000 people dressed as zombies and “invaded” Monroeville Mall.

This hoard of the undead shambled through the mall George A. Romero used for his zombie tale Dawn of the Dead. For other zombie fans, that mall is not just a shopping center, but a cultural icon.

The Wall Street Journal has a write up of the event along with a great gallery of images from the invasion.

Source: The Wall Street Journal Article and Gallery

Blomkamp working on new Sci-Fi movie

October 25, 2009

With the huge success from District 9, another production company has given Blomkamp another shot at the screen. Media Rights Capital is committed to another Blomkamp movie for 2012.

This new movie is NOT a D9 sequel. This project is a standalone piece, but the sequel will be the next thing the director/writer works on.

Source: Variety

Charlize Theron to go Beyond Thunderdome?

October 23, 2009

Some news has popped up about Charlize Theron being the lead female star in the next Mad Max 4. No word yet on what role she will be playing.

Related news, Tom Hardy has also been mentioned as appearing in the film. Also, no news on what role he will be playing or if he is confirmed to the movie.

Director George Miller is being very hush hush with info on this movie. Hopefully he has something good planed.

Source: E! News

Ninja Turtles now on Nick!

October 23, 2009

No, this has nothing to do with me being jumped by Ninja Turtles or by people dressed as them. Viacom has bought the rights to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CGI cartoon. Viacom is the owner of Nickelodeon, and the new home of the next Turtles toon.


Where the Wild Things Are: Don’t Believe the Hype

October 19, 2009

Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are came out on Friday. People everywhere freaked out about this movie, but was it worth the hype and praise it was given? Marice Sendak first published Where the Wild Things Are in 1963. Forty years later it is made into a movie. How can you take a children’s story that consists of about 20 lines of text, and turn it into a 94 minute movie?