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Have a terrible Internet connection? Move to Japan

August 26, 2009

AB2NJSXLJIUY2PSOUOZQANCNMIL74TXHThat’s right. The Japanese have better internet speeds that we do. South Korea has an even better connection than them… No wonder they can zerg rush like champs.

In a recent report America clocked in at 28th on the list of Broadband connection speed. Claiming that uploading a high definition video would take us 2.5 hours, while in Japan it takes 12 minutes! It’s mostly to blame on our crappy network. America’s high speed internet network is crap compared to some, with 18% of users reporting in a 768 kilobits a second while 64% getting 10 megabits a second.

President Obama has put forth a plan to get high speed internet in every home in America with the FCC trying to help. Some of the best internet speeds come from the Northeastern part of the country while the worst comes from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and surrounding areas.

Source: Yahoo! Tech