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Zombie punched in Iowa while ordering food?

October 28, 2009

Some more zombie news for you all. A man in Iowa was punched in the face while ordering food. Why does this involve zombies?

The man that was punched was called a zombie by another man, then hit in the face. The Zombie-ish victim tried to call the police on his cell phone, but was hit again resulting in a broken nose.

The man then ran out the back door of the restaurant, and the victim was taken to the hospital.

While I want to award the puncher for his quick action in taking down a zombie, he also gets a demerit cause the “zombie” spoke to him. Zombie’s can’t talk, nor do they order food. Unless the moans for flesh and brains is them placing an order…

Source: Huffington Post

Japan gets 7 layer Whopper, heart attacks soon to skyrocket…

October 23, 2009

I’m the only non-vegan/vegetarian writer on Stuff, but even this is too much for me…

Burger King has introduced a 7 patty thick Whopper. The catch is, it’s only available in Japan. How long it will take for Japan to become the fattest nation ever is still unknown.

The massive coronary has been on sale for a couple days now, costing about $16 USD. The total calorie count is 2,120, more than you should ingest in one day.

Good luck Japan…I don’t think even Godzilla could take one of these monsters and survive.

Source: Japanator

World Vegetarian Day

October 1, 2009

Just wanted to throw up something quick before I headed to class. Today is World Vegetarian Day. Is there a World Carnivore Day as well, or is that just the other 364 days?

Enjoy some broccoli or something!

World Vegetarian Day

P.S. Maybe this is where Corey and Everett have been?

Lazy? Want Pizza? Own a PS3?

September 16, 2009

You’re in luck! Now you can order Papa John’s pizza right from your Playstation 3. A Papa John’s button was added to the XMB on the PS3, but all it does is open the web browser to the PJ’s site. This isn’t the first time pizza ordering services were added to games. Everquest 2 did it a little while back. EQ is a Sony game so they aren’t new to the pizza game.

Papa John’s on the Playstation site

I’m game if you are

July 18, 2009

Do old people get high and make food that will kill themselves?