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New Fallout 3 Avatar Items

November 24, 2009

Fallout fans everywhere just let out a collective “FINALLY!” Yes, this Thursday the 26th; Thanksgiving to us Americans, Thursday the 26th to everyone else, there will be new Fallout 3 themed items for Xbox Live Avatars.

The Vault Boy suit will be 240 points, the head of Vault boy will be 80, the Vault 101 uniform will be 240, and the shirts will all be 80. Sadly there is no Power Armor, one item I’m sure most fans would want. Oh well, at least there is something!

Source: Bethesda Blog


Fallout 2…Online?

August 17, 2009

fonlineYes, you read that right. Fallout Online. A group of developers has taken the original Fallout 2 and turned it onto an MMORPG.