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Left 4 Dead Survivors to Fans: “Did you miss us?”

December 14, 2009

One of the biggest questions when Left 4 Dead 2 came out was, “Where are the other survivors?” Alright, maybe it wasn’t the biggest question, but it was asked…a lot! Well Valve plans to answer that question this Spring.


Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot comes to Borderlands

December 11, 2009

More Borderlands news for you. A new DLC pack is coming to gamers by the end of the month. Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot is not only bringing more arenas to the game, but also a whole new game mode. Think of ODST’s Firefight or Gears of Wars 2 Horde mode.


Borderlands DLC rising from the dead November 24th

November 10, 2009

The epic loot ‘n shoot game Borderlands is getting it’s first DLC pack late in November. The pack features a new island for vault hunters to explore. The only catch is, it’s crawling with the undead! Dr. Ned has taken up residence there and his evil experiments has created a way to bring the dead to life. Unfortunately their hunger for flesh was a little more than hoped for.

The DLC pack drops on Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Network on November 24th. It will cost 800 Microsoft Points or $9.99 USD. No word yet on if the PC version will also be getting the pack or not.

Source: Kotaku

Want to play Fable 2 for free?

September 29, 2009

To play the game for free you need to either steal it or borrow it. Or you can play the free Episode 1 of Fable 2 that’s on the Xbox Live Marketplace right now.

I think this solution is much better than stealing it, this way you don’t get a criminal record!


Crash Course Crash and Burn? [UPDATE of an UPDATE]

September 29, 2009

New DLC for Left 4 Dead just released, but there is a slight snag…In August I reported that Crash Course would be 560 microsoft points for the Xbox 360 version.

In the 40 minutes that the content has been released, the internet has nerd raged (myself included) cause the game is 800 MSP. 560 was a number we could all agree on, it was half the content of a normal campaign, so it’s half the price of normal DLC.

Is this just a glitch in the system? Is 800 points a place holder they forgot to take off? Will people that bought it anyway get a refund, or are we destined to spend the 800 to get the new content. I know a lot of people are unhappy, we will just have to wait until daylight if there are any updates.

While us Xbox gamers complain about not getting cheap content, PS3 owners complain about not getting the game. We really need to pick our battles better…

Crash Course on the Xbox Live Marketplace

UPDATE: Major Nelson’s twitter feed says that the 800 point price is wrong and is being looked into. He also says it may take a few hours or more to fix the problem all over the globe. Crash Course WILL be 560, just wait until it’s updated.

UPDATE 2: Yo dawg, we heard you like updates, so we put an update in your update so you can update people about Crash Course while you update people about Crash Course being 560 on the market place now. Enjoy!

Shocking report from Weazel News about guns in Liberty City!

September 18, 2009

Are our streets safe with these gun runners roaming the neighborhoods? What about the children!? OH GOD THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!

Ok, enough fake sensationalism. This new trailer from Rockstar shows us some of the new goodies we will get in Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony. Ranging from sticky bombs, a high powered sniper rifle, and an auto-shotgun, plus a compact rocket firing helicopter.

The Ballad of Gay Tony is expected for release October 29th.

Alright! Sorta free Fallout stuff!

September 16, 2009

Bethesda wants to thank all those Fallout 3 fans with something extra. On October 1st you will be able to download a free Fallout 3 Xbox Premium Theme. The catch? You need to have bought all 5 DLC packs by September 22nd in order to get it for free. If you haven’t yet and you want to get the theme, you can either buy them all up now or just pay the 240 microsoft points.

Which is a better deal, $50 of game content or about $3 worth of points? I’ve already bought all the DLC so free theme for me!

Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony Trailer

September 1, 2009

Looks pretty cool. Explosions, sky diving, even a dance club scene! We even see Niko for a moment near the end. I hope there is a dancing mini-game…DDR meets GTA

Explosions and Sky Diving in new GTA4 DLC?

August 29, 2009

grand-theft-auto-the-ballad-of-gay-tony-logoRockstar has released new screens today of their new DLC pack The Ballad of Gay Tony. Hit the jump for epic shots, including explosions, what looks like a riot, and an adrenaline junkie having fun.


GTA: Chinatown Wars hits PSP in October

August 25, 2009

GrandTheftAutoChinatownWarsGrand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars was the first GTA game to appear on the Nintendo DS. Now it will be joining the other 2 GTA games on the PSP.

Calm down PSP Fanboys, I don’t want to hear any screaming about how you should have got the game first. That’s what GameFAQS is for!


New Mass Effect DLC

August 25, 2009

MasseffectThat’s right, new downloadable content for Mass Effect is up on the Xbox Live Market Place today. With Mass Effect 2 right around the corner will this be the content to link the two?


Earthworm Jim crawling to consoles again!

August 17, 2009

jimSega has been running a poll for which Genesis game you wanted to see come to the download markets of our current systems. Earthworm Jim crushed them under his super suit boot! I’m not sure why Sega was deciding this, EWJ was on just about every system there was in the 90’s.


Left 4 Dead gets Crash Course

August 4, 2009


Valve has confirmed new Left 4 Dead DLC. This new campaign is going to add some continuity to the game. “Crash Course” is going to bridge “No Mercy” and “Death Toll” together. One can obviously assume what happens then.


Ballad of Gay Tony dated

July 23, 2009

grand-theft-auto-the-ballad-of-gay-tony-logoRockstar has released the date that Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony will be out and added a bit of interesting news with it.


Fallout 3 DLC Delayed for Xbox

July 14, 2009

090326Gotta love the gaming industry. Well, it’s not really their fault delays happen. Such is life. This time Fallout 3 is delayed for the Xbox 360.