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Oscar Mike for charity

December 4, 2009

Anyone that’s played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has heard the phrase “Oscar Mike.” Some of those players didn’t know what it meant, including myself, and made me think of Oscar Mayer Bologna. Oscar Mike means “On the Move.”

Short review: COD:MW2 is an awesome game. The story didn’t feel like the previous, this one had more of an epic action movie feel. The online is just massive. Check it out.

Giant Bomb has Oscar Mike T-shirts for purchase in their shop. The proceeds will go to the Child’s Play charity fund.

Get Oscar Mike to Giant Bomb now!


Gamers say NO to $60 Modern Warfare 2.

July 27, 2009

Well some of them do. Over at Total Gaming Network, they broke the news that 68% of respondents on this matter say they will not purchase MW2 due to the $60 price tag. Shortly after saying this they wrote that some don’t have a problem paying the extra $10. They have a poll in their forums about the subject, why don’t you roll over there to check the results or give your two cents? As always post here first!

Sources: Total Gaming Network [MW2 Boycott on Horizon?, Will You Boycott MW2 if the Price Doesn’t Go Back to Normal?]