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Any Hipsters out there with $300 Million?

November 10, 2009

I can hear Dennis Hopper screaming at us already… Turns out the brewery that makes Pabst and other cheap beer is being sold. Bank of America Merril Lynch is in charge of finding a buyer for the sale, which could cost the new owner $300 Million USD to purchase.

With the sudden increase in profits over the last couple years, selling the brand is a wise decision. That is if you’re into making money, but really, who isn’t?

Another Pabst Blue Ribbon post gives me an excuse to post this video too!

Source: New York Post

Time to find a new beer, PBR now popular

September 18, 2009

Sorry kids, your days of drinking PBR “cause it’s cheap” are over. Pabst Blue Ribbon has seen a rise in sales of 25% this year. I guess we can thank Hipsters for that.


Alcohol Test Application for your iPhone

July 24, 2009

Finally someone made a useful application. Called Walk the Line this one will let you know if you are too drunk to text, drive, bike or update your twitter. Although not quite a breathalyzer this one will at least give you an idea of how much you’ve had and a good guestimate of where you are on the legal limit. This application was created by the beer company Grolsch to promote safe concert experiences.