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Where the Wild Things Are: Don’t Believe the Hype

October 19, 2009

Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are came out on Friday. People everywhere freaked out about this movie, but was it worth the hype and praise it was given? Marice Sendak first published Where the Wild Things Are in 1963. Forty years later it is made into a movie. How can you take a children’s story that consists of about 20 lines of text, and turn it into a 94 minute movie?


Trick ‘r Treat: The Best Halloween Movie

October 11, 2009

2009-09-11-trick_r_treatI just watched Trick ‘r Treat and I have to say it is the perfect Halloween themed movie. I know there is an entire series of movies titled Halloween, but those don’t capture the holiday as well as this movie does.

So unless you’re one of those wierdos that puts up Christmas decorations in August, hit the jump for more.


Zombieland: The gory feel good comedy of the year

October 3, 2009

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a zombie freak. Any form of zombie media and I’m all over it. When I first heard about Zombieland I had mixed emotions about it. I’m more for the traditional slow moving zombie than the newer sprinters. As the release date for Zombieland got closer I was more and more excited to see it. Does this movie hold up as a zombie film? Or is it buried in a shallow grave of regret and mistakes?


District 9: No Humans Allowed!

August 16, 2009


I just got back from seeing District 9. Go see it. I know I kind of ruined my review before the jump. Stop reading now and go see it. You should have seen it Friday or at the midnight Thursday show. If you still want to read what I have to say hit the jump. There may be spoilers ahead.


G.I. Joe: The other half of the battle isn’t all that bad…

August 8, 2009


I saw G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra last night. Don’t cringe too hard, I’m fine. I think collectively we thought this movie was going to be horrible. You’d actually be surprised.


Splosion Man: If Michael Bay made a game

July 22, 2009

E3_SplosionMan_TitleLogoThe best way to sum this game up is a quote said to me by a guy I play Xbox Live with. “It’s like setting a [mentally challenged person] loose in a science lab and giving him the ability to explode…” Yeah, this game is pretty sweet.


Where yo 3D glasses at?

July 21, 2009


The DVD for Coraline comes out today which I am pretty excited about. I have always been a fan of Neil Gaiman and I am glad to see him transition more of his work to film. I loved the movie Coraline for its stunning visuals and intense story. The DVD is being released in 3D and comes with those nifty 3D glasses; hopefully this will add to the movie’s dynamic visuals.


2P Press Start: Marvel Ultimate Alliance

July 20, 2009


2p press start is a new ongoing post on the blog that we review and explore the world of cooperative play in games.


Harry Potter and the North American Man Boy Love Association

July 17, 2009


The sixth Harry Potter movie is now in theaters. I recently saw it, so now you get to hear what I think about the movie. I will warn you, there may be spoilers.