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I think Stuff is over…

February 4, 2010

Sorry guys, I think I owe you an explanation.

I am no longer writing for Stuff. I’m going to do my own thing and hopefully it survives longer than Stuff did. The other writers stopped showing up back in October, so it was just me for the last few months. Then I got lazy around the holidays and slacked off too.

No need to worry! The Angry Building is up and running! Expect the same type of content, and hopefully no drop offs…

So long Stuff…It’s been a fun ride.

Happy Thanksgiving

November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, and a Happy Thursday to everyone else outside the U.S.

Warning: Crazy Super Not Work Safe


Richmond,VA Comic Con November 21-22

November 11, 2009

Virginia is getting its first 2-day comic convention in 25 years. VA Comic Con is coming to Richmond November 21-22. I thought we had some writers here from Richmond that would have told you about this sooner, but I’m still the only one writing here…


Cort and Fatboy: Mediocrity at its finest

November 10, 2009

I doubt many of you have heard of these guys. Cort and Fatboy once hosted “The Cort and Fatboy” show on KUFO out of Portland, Oregon. You might be saying to yourself, “Wait, Nick is from Roanoke, VA. How does he know about this?!” A friend of mine on Xbox Live told me about them and I’ve been listening to them for a while.

Recently Cort and Fats had been fired from their spot on KUFO due to new owners and the owners screwing everything up. The community freaked out, without their afternoon radio hosts, daytime entertainment would suck!

Well the guys are back, and they have their own show on their website. They provide a daily podcast for your listening pleasure. They focus mainly on pop culture and current events. So if you need a good laugh, or just want to hear some smart mouthed snark, check them out.

Cort and

Any Hipsters out there with $300 Million?

November 10, 2009

I can hear Dennis Hopper screaming at us already… Turns out the brewery that makes Pabst and other cheap beer is being sold. Bank of America Merril Lynch is in charge of finding a buyer for the sale, which could cost the new owner $300 Million USD to purchase.

With the sudden increase in profits over the last couple years, selling the brand is a wise decision. That is if you’re into making money, but really, who isn’t?

Another Pabst Blue Ribbon post gives me an excuse to post this video too!

Source: New York Post

Personal Note: Is Nick running the show?

October 23, 2009

A lot of stuff has been going on recently. School has doubled if not tripled its work load on me. So trying to juggle employment and school work, along with this shining beacon of internet goodness, is a difficult task. Also doesn’t help that Borderlands has completely taken over my gaming life.

So where is everyone else? Haven’t seen anything from the other writers here in a month! A MONTH! Not sure what’s going on there. I will continue the postifications as long as you guys keep reading.

Unrelated note, Today is my birthday! Huzzah!

Ninja Turtles now on Nick!

October 23, 2009

No, this has nothing to do with me being jumped by Ninja Turtles or by people dressed as them. Viacom has bought the rights to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CGI cartoon. Viacom is the owner of Nickelodeon, and the new home of the next Turtles toon.


Stuff Wants to Know: How old are you?

October 5, 2009

knowJust trying to get a general idea of who reads Stuff. What age groups like to check us out? Don’t worry, we aren’t going to hold it against you if you’re young or old.

Personal Time in Left 4 Dead

October 4, 2009

Francis just needs to blow off some steam…

I took this video while playing L4D with some friends. Find me on XBL I’m Raging Towers.

Zombieland: The gory feel good comedy of the year

October 3, 2009

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a zombie freak. Any form of zombie media and I’m all over it. When I first heard about Zombieland I had mixed emotions about it. I’m more for the traditional slow moving zombie than the newer sprinters. As the release date for Zombieland got closer I was more and more excited to see it. Does this movie hold up as a zombie film? Or is it buried in a shallow grave of regret and mistakes?


World Vegetarian Day

October 1, 2009

Just wanted to throw up something quick before I headed to class. Today is World Vegetarian Day. Is there a World Carnivore Day as well, or is that just the other 364 days?

Enjoy some broccoli or something!

World Vegetarian Day

P.S. Maybe this is where Corey and Everett have been?

Super Street Fighter IV Confirmed

September 29, 2009

Remember when you bought Street Fighter IV in February? Want to buy it again? How bout if Capcom throws in some extra characters?


What Should Stuff Watch?

September 22, 2009

stuffWell? What should we watch? I haven’t run this by any of the other guys here, so I’m throwing them into this experiment without their knowledge. Sorry guys, gotta take one for the team! Seriously though, what should we watch?


Time to find a new beer, PBR now popular

September 18, 2009

Sorry kids, your days of drinking PBR “cause it’s cheap” are over. Pabst Blue Ribbon has seen a rise in sales of 25% this year. I guess we can thank Hipsters for that.


What the deal is:

September 7, 2009

So school is back in session for a lot of us here at Stuff and everyone but Nick is finding it hard to squeeze in some posting time. But after these first two weeks an established schedule is emerging and I’m finding holes here and there that give me time to do some posting. Stop being sad Stuff fan’s because you will get your much needed info fix!