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Holy crap! Demonoid is back!

December 13, 2009

Seriously! Go look! After a long 3 month downtime, the free rental site is back up. Their main page says they are running a test script to see how things work, but the downloads are working. There have been some minor problems connecting to the site, but that may be from all the people trying to connect at once.

Source: Demonoid

Richmond,VA Comic Con November 21-22

November 11, 2009

Virginia is getting its first 2-day comic convention in 25 years. VA Comic Con is coming to Richmond November 21-22. I thought we had some writers here from Richmond that would have told you about this sooner, but I’m still the only one writing here…


Cort and Fatboy: Mediocrity at its finest

November 10, 2009

I doubt many of you have heard of these guys. Cort and Fatboy once hosted “The Cort and Fatboy” show on KUFO out of Portland, Oregon. You might be saying to yourself, “Wait, Nick is from Roanoke, VA. How does he know about this?!” A friend of mine on Xbox Live told me about them and I’ve been listening to them for a while.

Recently Cort and Fats had been fired from their spot on KUFO due to new owners and the owners screwing everything up. The community freaked out, without their afternoon radio hosts, daytime entertainment would suck!

Well the guys are back, and they have their own show on their website. They provide a daily podcast for your listening pleasure. They focus mainly on pop culture and current events. So if you need a good laugh, or just want to hear some smart mouthed snark, check them out.

Cort and

Alan Moore writing Gorillaz next opera?

November 10, 2009

Alan Moore is set to write the lyrics for Gorillaz next major project. This project is a follow up to 2007’s Monkey: Journey to the West. As for content, nothing is said yet. Fans of Gorillaz, Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett work should be excited for the project.

If Gorillaz make a movie out of this, expect Moore to get pissed and immediately hate it.

Source: Guardian

Missing: Demonoid

September 20, 2009

If you belong to certain circles on the internet, you may have noticed on of the more well known “free rental sites” has gone dark. Usually in times like these, the internet will panic, crying out that powers beyond their control have swooped in and crushed the site. In Demonoid’s history it’s not the first time the site has encountered problems.


Bloggable Music Vids: Los Fever Rays!

September 11, 2009

Los Campesinos! have a new single from the album they plan to release in 2010 and Fever Ray comes out with yet another vid from her critically acclaimed self titled debut.

Fever Ray – Seven

I’m kinda surprised senior citizens are capable of making good electro. Will Fever Ray release a video for every single song on that album? I hope so, as long as she doesn’t terrify more animals and cause old ladies to have heart attacks via guy with fur on his face.


New Health music video is bloody

September 9, 2009

It’s rare that I dedicate a whole post to one video, but this video has too much to talk about. If you can’t stand gore, then you might want to pass on this one.

Health – Die Slow


Is Patrick Wolf the (ex) satanic Kevin Barnes?

September 2, 2009

patrick wolf

Does anyone know if Patrick Wolf and Kevin Barnes are the same person? They both seem down for a David Bowie concert or down for wearing some glitter.


Bloggable Music Vids – Violence is the answer…

August 31, 2009

… For really good music videos. Jack white has a new band, Fuck Buttons are getting us ready for a new album, and The Horrors new video screams shoegaze.

The Dead Weather – Treat Me Like Your Mother


Oasis has split up

August 30, 2009

381285717217BTC_lWith the band’s history it’s almost like we fell into a time warp and came back out in the 90’s. It was reported last night by Noel Gallagher that he is leaving Oasis.


Bloggable Music Videos: Brootal Space

August 20, 2009

Lets go to space and get metal with Mastodon. Then we can come back and ‘chill’ with Sian Alice Group and The Antlers.

Mastodon – Oblivion


Andrew W.K. greatest Japanofile ever?

August 15, 2009

Anime W.K.When was the last time you listened to Andrew W.K.? Recently? Few months ago? Sometime in the last year? I know when I play Dynasty Warriors: Gundam I play I Get Wet on full volume while I slice through Mobile Suits. Joe can attest to this, A.W.K + D.W.G = Win. But wait..what’s this, Mobile Suit W.K.?



August 13, 2009

wavves zack hill No, this isn’t about Barcelona break downs, broken wrists, or being overrated. Wavves has a new song (possibly with Zach Hill?) that I actually like a lot.


Penny Arcade Expo Schedule

August 12, 2009

pax-penny-arcade-expo-logoSo many conventions going on! This time I’ve got the Penny Arcade Expo schedule for you! Hit the link and bust out the day planner!

Source: PAX

Crystal Castles’ Alice Glass “kicked in the head by riot police” [update: false?]

August 11, 2009

alice glass *sigh* More concert injury, and this time it seems a lot less accidental.