Left 4 Dead Survivors to Fans: “Did you miss us?”


One of the biggest questions when Left 4 Dead 2 came out was, “Where are the other survivors?” Alright, maybe it wasn’t the biggest question, but it was asked…a lot! Well Valve plans to answer that question this Spring.

A new DLC pack for L4D2 is planned that will bring the two survivor groups together for the first time. Granted, if you had a PC version and a little time on your hands you would have those characters anyway just from the mod community.

This DLC will introduce the campaign, “The Passing.” In the campaign, the L4D2 survivors and the L4D survivors will meet in a small Georgia town just after the events of “Dead Center.”

The pack will also add new maps to scavenge, survival and versus modes, as well as introducing a new special infected, a new melee weapon and fire arm. Could this be the revival of the scrapped “Screamer” infected?

More information about the pack along with pricing will be announced as it gets closer to launch.

Source: USA Today Game Hunters (oddly found in the U.S. section on Google News)

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One Response to “Left 4 Dead Survivors to Fans: “Did you miss us?””

  1. Tom Says:

    It says it’s a new Uncommon infected, not Special. So it probably wont be the screamer

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