Aliens sunk my Battleship


Previously in board game movie news, I told you about the Ouija Board movie. This time it’s all about BATTLESHIP! Director Peter Berg is working to develop the game for the big screen. I wonder if he will move his ships around after you start playing.

Berg did an interview with Latino Review where he talked about some details from the movie, the one that stands out the most…aliens.

Yes, aliens. Berg mentions that the antagonist in the Battleship movie will be an Extraterrestrial force that comes to Earth in search of something. He hasn’t said what it is, but it’s not global domination. They are here fighting our military for a reason.

So instead of a movie about giant white and red pegs falling from the sky, we get Pearl Harbor minus the suck, plus War of the Worlds minus Dakota Fanning screeching for 5 minutes at a time…I hope.

Source: Latino Review via io9

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2 Responses to “Aliens sunk my Battleship”

  1. KingMe1220 Says:

    I can just see a bunch of action scenes where people on the ship are frantically shouting “B7! B7!” “Fuck, it’s a miss!”

    Then when they kill the aliens’ space ship (haha) they will be like “BLARGWLALRLBLAB YOU SUNK OUR BATTLE SHIP BLOBLRALBLOB”

  2. Nick Towers Says:

    “Captain, B8 was a hit. Where shall we fire next?”

    “Fire torpedoes at B9!”

    “Captain, B9 was a miss!”

    “Bastards…they moved their ships..”

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