Dead Space 2 Teased in Magazine


Something tells me you readers like Dead Space. Maybe it’s the nearly 50 searches a day for DS related news. Well now I have something new for you.

There was a possible tease in Official Playstation Magazine about an unannounced horror sequel. If you read the title of the article you would know what that game is. If not…hit the jump.

GOONL!NE (which I’m not sure if it’s “Go Online” or “Goon Line”)  has figured out the tease from past Dead Space concept art.

Here is the teaser image from Official Playstation Magazine, and here is the concept art from Dead Space. Not only that, but the design breaking up the background image looks like Issac’s mask from the previous game.

Or this could be OPM screwing with us…

Source: GOONL!NE

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