Mischief. Mayhem. Soap


A Peruvian gang has been capturing local farmers, killing them and using their fat to produce soap to sell in the European cosmetics market.

Three members of the gang have arrested and confessed to at least five of the murders, and even detail how they went about rendering the fat.

I will put the rest of the story after the jump. Here is your first warning. The details are graphic, they are not for those with a weak stomach. They may make you question using soap.

You were warned.

The gang would travel on rural roads, and tell the farmers they could put them in contact with a buyer for their crop. The farmer would go with them, just to be beaten in the head until death. The body was then dismembered and disemboweled. Then the body was strung up with candles under parts of it so the fat would melt and drip into containers. The fat was then put into bottles and prepared for export.

Project Mayhem would be proud.

[AUTHORS NOTE: Stuff and myself do not in anyway condone the practice of human fat rendering. Fight Club references aside, this is messed up.]

Source: The Independent


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