Colbert Nation competing in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics


Stephen Colbert has taken it upon himself and the Colbert Nation to sponsor the American Speedskating team in the upcoming Vancouver Olympics. The team was sponsored by the DSB Bank NV, but due to bankruptcy in October, the Bank is out of cash.

The show isn’t paying the team directly. Instead, Colbert has put out the cry to the Colbert Nation to donate the money for the team. Followers of Colbert and his Nation are known for rallying together and supporting the cause. In the past, the Nation has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Yellow Ribbon Fund, which helps support injured service members and their families.

Not only can Colbert raise money, but he can also stuff votes when his name is going to be used for things. In the past his name has won in a contest to be used on a Space Station; instead it was put on a treadmill. Also, a hockey team mascot has been named after him, along with a baby eagle.

If you would like to help the team, head to Colbert or The Official U.S. Speedskating Website to donate.

Source: Yahoo News

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One Response to “Colbert Nation competing in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics”

  1. Zee Says:

    All the best to Colbert.

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