Cats can get Pig Flu as well!


Yes lolcat, you can get swine flu. A cat in Iowa, the same state that a zombie was punched in the face, has found the first case of Feline Swine Flu.

Don’t worry, the cat has recovered. It is believed to have contracted the flu from someone in the house, big surprise. The cat was an indoor pet, so there had to be direct contact with an infected person. There were two other people in the house that has flu like symptoms, so that’s the most likely cause.

Swine flu can also be contracted in birds and ferrets.

Source: The Washington Post


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One Response to “Cats can get Pig Flu as well!”

  1. KingMe1220 Says:

    Fuck yeah Iowa. We punch zombies in the face and give cats the Pork Lung.

    I heard about both of those on NPR and when the guy read the story headlines, it seemed like he just couldn’t believe it… More so on the zombie one.

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