Is there going to be a Ouija Board movie?


I really don’t want that board to point to yes…but it will. Yes, it’s true. The Ouija Board is getting it’s own movie. Just when you thought Hollywood couldn’t come up with anything original, they start making board game movies…

This isn’t the first board game to be turned into a movie. In the 1980’s Clue was turned into a movie, but no one really talks about that one anymore. There is also a Monopoly and…View Master movie in the works. Yes…view master. That bright red plastic picture viewer.

The Ouija Board movie is being written by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. Both of them wrote the Tron Legacy script, and various episodes of the TV show LOST. The project is being produced by Platinum Dunes, which means Micheal Bay will be involved somewhere. I hope there are some exploding Ouija Boards and one that turns into a robot!

I didn’t know this, but there are apparently rules to using a Ouija Board.

  1. Never use it alone
  2. Never use it in a graveyard
  3. Always say goodbye

I believe in paranormal activity, and I’ve always been told not to mess around with a Ouija Board. They aren’t toys, can open doors to places you don’t want to go, and can allow spirits to enter our realm.

The movie plans to be a supernatural action-adventure movie. So expect some ghost chase scenes or something…

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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