Venom turned into a good guy?


So Venom is getting his own spin-off movie. Yes, I know, fairly old news but now we know a little bit more about him. They are turning him into an anti-hero. Spoilers for Spider-Man 3 ahead.

Granted, it’s been done before with this character, nothing new here. This time they are making him the anti-hero with a heart, protecting the innocent. So he’s going to be psychotic black suited Spider-Man?

Gary Ross is rewriting the screenplay for the third time, while also working on Spider-Man 4. It’s going to be a drastic change of character for him if we take into consideration how he was portrayed in Spider-Man 3.

Also, Topher Grace may not be returning to play Venom. I know I used a picture of him, but it was just too goofy to pass up. There is talk about recasting the role and getting someone new. That could work, seeing how Brock/Venom died at the end of Spidey 3. Could this be a problem they run into with the writing? Your character died, you don’t just come back from the dead…but it’s a comic story so you never know. Or they could use the sliver that Peter took to Doc Connors, it escapes and takes a new host.

I don’t know, I’m speculating and fan writing now…

Source: Variety


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