Taking Cops and Robbers to a new level


camHere’s an odd bit of news. Almost every block in Britain is monitored by a security camera. Those cameras are linked back to a government agent that watches those cameras for crimes and other stuff. Now for what the story is actually about, the government is making a game out of watching these cameras!

The game is called “Internet Eyes.” Players will be tasked with scanning through thousands of CCTV cameras that are placed through streets and  businesses to find the most criminals. Players will rack up points with each find they make, and at the end of the month cash prizes up to £1,000 will be awarded.

When a player spots something, they click a button on the screen which takes a screen cap of the offense then the image is sent to the Camera Operator. Once the operator gets the message with the picture, they decide to take action or not.

While it sounds good in theory, is this really a game? Isn’t it just getting people to do the jobs that paid workers are doing? Except they aren’t paying them, unless they win the contest that is. Who knows, the voyeur crowd might enjoy this, and it could grow into something very large.

Source: Financial Express and Destructoid


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