Looking to waste more time on your Xbox 360?


Later this month there will be a public beta of Facebook, Twitter and Last.FM for the Xbox 360. Excellent, now we can get friend updates during games of Call of Duty or Halo. “Just pwned sum n00bs, lol!”

The beta is expected to happen near the middle or end of October. The test will include Facebook, Twitter and Last.FM for gold users. Using Facebook on the 360 has been described as using it like you would on the computer. I’m assuming you use the virtual keyboard to type out messages, which takes forever unless you have the controller keypad attachment.

No word yet on if apps and videos will work on the 360 version of Facebook, Microsoft is looking into it. Nothing has been said about Twitter or Last.FM yet. They expect the final version of the update to launch late November for public use.

How long until Microsoft just puts a web browser on the 360? I think that would be way easier.

Sources: MTV and Kotaku


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