There’s going to be a Spore movie?!


Another story that makes my head hurt. EA has been in talks with Fox about setting up a Spore movie. Yes, Spore, the game where YOU create a creature, YOU evolve it, YOU create the buildings and YOU create the space ships.

So 20th Century Fox and Electronic Arts has been in talks to make a Spore movie with Chris Wedge directing. Wedge directed the Ice Age movies, so he’s got some experience with CGI creatures. Greg Erb and Jason Oremland are working on the script, they both worked on Disney’s newest Princess merch pusher…I mean Princess movie The Princess and the Frog.

I don’t know how they are going to make this. The whole thing about Spore was that you get to create everything. Including creatures that look like your favorite genitalia…

Source: Variety


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