Jack Thompson Sues Facebook


jackJust when it was safe to bust out our copies of Grand Theft Auto, Ol’ Jackie pops back up. At least this time he isn’t coming after our games. Instead he’s going after Facebook?

This story makes my head hurt. I’m sorry that you are reading this, you’re a brave soul.

So Jack Thompson is suing Facebook over the group “I Hate Jack Thompson.” Now that isn’t it, there are lots of “I Hate _____” groups on Facebook, this one he claims has “personally attacked” him. Someone in the group said “Jack Thompson should be smacked across the face with an Atari 2600.”

I see where he’s coming from, have you seen an Atari 2600? I think I peed a little just thinking about being hit with one of those! So because of this threat he is suing Facebook. You caught that right? Because a single person, on a website where your entire life is on display including name, where you live, what school you are going to, and sometimes your phone number, Jackie boy is suing Facebook….

He is claiming the textual attack on him has caused “emotional distress,” enough so that it equals about $120 million in damages.  Wow, if I’d have known I could get $120 million from someone threatening to hit me with stuff, I’d be rich! The reason he is going after Facebook, he says, is cause they failed to monitor the group and prevent threats like this one from happening.

Facebook has responded, yes the website became self aware and responded, saying that the lawsuit is “without merit” and “will fight it vigorously.”

Source: Daily Tech


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One Response to “Jack Thompson Sues Facebook”

  1. Robbie Says:

    Seriously? I’m glad I read this. Facebook is about freedom, ability, information, organization, and forming mobs of hate. This guy has no chance. He’s going to make a fool of himself, i’m sure, if he really follows through. I might have to blog about this. Thx for sharing. Keep me posted.


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