Zombieland: The gory feel good comedy of the year


Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a zombie freak. Any form of zombie media and I’m all over it. When I first heard about Zombieland I had mixed emotions about it. I’m more for the traditional slow moving zombie than the newer sprinters. As the release date for Zombieland got closer I was more and more excited to see it. Does this movie hold up as a zombie film? Or is it buried in a shallow grave of regret and mistakes?

I’m just screwing with you, Zombieland is good. Really good. Especially in as a movie that is already saturated in terrible versions and just plain stupid (I’m looking at you Day of the Dead). Aside from my problems with the running zombie, the movie holds true to the Zombie genre.  Spoilers ahead

Zombieland is a very entertaining piece of zombie comedy, nearly on par with Shaun of the Dead. You could even go as far to say this is the American answer to SOTD. Our story begins with Columbus, played by Jesse Eisenberg, as he runs us through a couple essential zombie survival rules.

  1. Cardio
  2. The Double Tap
  3. Beware of Restrooms
  4. Seat belts
  5. Check the back seat

Those are just a few of the beginning rules he tells us in voice over while the people we are watching are becoming zombie food for breaking them. There are more rules later on, but I’ll let you learn them on your own. The adventure starts when our Michael Cera-ish main character meets up with Tallahassee, Woody Harelson , and band together to head east where they believe home to be.

Columbus is traveling from Austin, TX to Columbus, OH to find out if his family is still alive. Tallahassee is in search of the last Twinkie on the planet, surprisingly those things expire. Tally’s hunger for those cream filled snacks brings them to a super market, where we see his skills at work. To Tally, zombie killing is an art form. He seems to take great pride in it. Even saying “My mother always said I’d be good at something. Who thought it would be killing zombies?!” Using a banjo to draw out the hefty zombies which he dispatches with said banjo, a baseball bat, and hedge clippers.

This is when we meet our Femme Fatales, Wichita and Little Rock. Little Rock, Abigail Breslin, has been bitten and is looking for a way out…or is she. After an emotional double cross, our heroes are left high and dry in zombieland to fend for themselves. Later on down the road the duos meet back up and it turns into a hostage situation. The girls taking the guys for all they have again, but this time taking them along with them.

The girls have a plan to go to Pacific Playland, a California based amusement park, where there are no zombies. Rightfully so, the park is chained and gated so no one could get in. Once inside Wichita, Emma Stone, turns on all the lights and sounds, which surprisingly attracts every zombie in the surrounding area! Who would have thought that could happen? Next to the flesh of the living, zombies love lights, sounds and roller coasters.

Our finale takes place in the unhappiest place on Earth, where Cera-wannabe, Hillbilly Harelson, Little Miss Sunshine, and the chick Jonah Hill headbutts in Superbad have to outrun and outlast the hoards of zombies that just want some funnel cake splashed with brains.

The movie has a solid story. It keeps you entertained and most of all interested. They give you just enough information to know how the zombie apocalypse started and how people dealt with it, mostly by dying. The goretastic zombies are all special in their own way. Ranging from little girls, Strippers, and even a clown, the zombie effects were done quite well.

My only problems with the movie were the small plot holes they left wide enough to step in and twist an ankle and an actor choice. Columbus talks about how the fatties were the first to go cause they couldn’t out run the zombies, then he goes to say what a loner he was, spending weeks at a time in his apartment/dorm playing World of Warcraft and chugging Code Red Mountain Dew. I didn’t know they still made that stuff! Shouldn’t he be one of those unlucky fat bastards since the stereotype of WoW shut ins is the first to be eaten? Columbus in general bothered me. Mainly cause I have a problem with Michael Cera. Yes, I know Columbus was played by Jesse Eisenberg, but he seemed to be channeling “The whole world is overwhelming” Cera-ish style of character. I understand why they did it, it works with the story, but it was still annoying.

So if you’re looking for a goriffic zombie comedy to entertain and make you laugh, check out Zombieland. Be sure to look for the special celebrity cameo that ends horribly. I won’t spoil it here cause it’s too good, and stay after the credits for an extra scene.

Zombieland is rated R for gore, violence, nudity, language and all around awesomeness. It is 88 minutes long and stars Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harelson, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin.


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One Response to “Zombieland: The gory feel good comedy of the year”

  1. Matt Says:

    Yes, they still make Code Red and it’s delicious.

    Also, power rangers.

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