Want to play Fable 2 for free?


To play the game for free you need to either steal it or borrow it. Or you can play the free Episode 1 of Fable 2 that’s on the Xbox Live Marketplace right now.

I think this solution is much better than stealing it, this way you don’t get a criminal record!

Lionhead is releasing Fable 2 on the market place in episode form. It is the entire game, just split up into five parts. The game still has all the achievements, hero creation, co-op play and everything else you expect from Fable 2.

This first episode is free, think of it like a demo. You can get this episode, then get the others as they come out and you will have the full game on your hard drive. Or you can go buy the retail copy and have it on a disc. If you do buy the retail after playing the first episode, all your progress will carry over.

Episode One starts you off at the beginning, playing as a child then growing to young adult before the game ends. Then you just add on the other episodes or get the retail copy and continue from there.


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