Super Street Fighter IV Confirmed


Remember when you bought Street Fighter IV in February? Want to buy it again? How bout if Capcom throws in some extra characters?

T.Hawk, Dee Jay and a new comer Juri are going to appear in Super Street Fighter IV. The game will not be full price like normal, instead it will take a price cut. Those are just 3 of the 8 “new” characters coming to this updated version. I say “new” cause the other 5 could just be characters from the older games.

975211_20090928_790screen002The reason these new characters can’t just be released as DLC is cause Capcom is saying there are way more upgrades than just some characters. So you need the disc to handle it all. Or Capcom just wants some extra cash…You decide.

975211_20090928_790screen008Juri is the first fighter to use Tae Kwon Do in a Street Fighter game. She also uses the same type of energy attacks as Bison or Rose to make her kicks even more deadly. Super Street Fighter IV is expected to release in Spring 2010

Source: Gamespot and Kotaku


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One Response to “Super Street Fighter IV Confirmed”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh wow i should just wait a year before i buy my games i will get a much better deal! Shana gins Shana gins Shana gins. Why can’t we get quality games like back when we had SNES And Sega Genisis

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