Stuff’s $20 Box of Comics


Finally, Dark Reign is seeing some conclusions! Norman is getting beat left and right with the X-Men raising asteroid M and declaring it a free mutant state, and every other comic hero getting in his way. Oh! Don’t forget to pick up the FREE Astonishing X-Men sketchbook! This week has got some great titles so lets move along with Stuff’s $20 Box of Comics.

Amazing Spider-Man #606 $2.99

– Black Cat has come back into the picture, but is she up to no good? How can Parker’s already crumbling romantic life handle just one more lady? Preview.

Guardians of the galaxy #18 $2.99

– With War of Kings concluding with the worse possible outcome. The T-Bomb has ravaged the future leaving the surviving Guardians running into old faces. Preview.

Incredible Hercules #135 $2.99

– Amadeus Cho is fighting Nazi’s and saving beautiful women from death traps. … Did you need more incentive? This issues uncovers the nature of Cho’s powers and his origins.

The New Avengers #57 $3.99

– The Hood has lost control of his gang, and now they have depowered both the Avengers and the Dark Avengers looking to break away from the Hood and show how dangerous they really are.

Spider-Woman #1 $3.99

– This whole new story takes us through how Spider-Woman comes back to society after being seen by the world as the Queen of the Skrulls.

Uncanny X-Men #515 $2.99

– Utopia has concluded, but now an original X-Man leaves. I wonder who?

Wolverine Origins #40 $2.99

– Finally Wolverine is face to face with Romulus. In order to finally have control over his life he must kill Romulus. This history making issue is not one to miss.

This adds up too: 22.93! A little over, but I really felt the need to add the Spider-Woman comic. The art style looks really awesome. Here is what had to be Cut from this week:

  • The Goon Volume 9 Calamity of Conscience (I can never catch up to with the current issues, so this trade looks awesome)
  • Nova #29 (The Nova Corps have been reformed! What next?!)

If I had the money I’d pick up these titles: Dark Reign: The List: X-Men, Dark X-Men: The Confession, Detective Comics #857, Immortal Weapons #3, and Incredible Hulk #602.

That’s it! This week is full of beginnings and endings and for myself some things just need to start wrapping up! As always go to your local comics shop (like the smelly Velocity Comics in Richmond, VA) to pick up these and other great titles. Enjoy your Wednesday!
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