What Should Stuff Watch?


stuffWell? What should we watch? I haven’t run this by any of the other guys here, so I’m throwing them into this experiment without their knowledge. Sorry guys, gotta take one for the team! Seriously though, what should we watch?

There is just too much on TV right now. It’s the beginning of the 2009 Fall line up, so a lot will be culled from the herd. As for what’s on…just look at the listings. I grabbed a few titles that premiered either this week or last and I want to know what the readers think we should spend our time watching to talk about to you.If I left something out that you want to see, then tell us! Post it in the comments!

I won’t promise anything, I just want to get an idea of what seems to be the most important to people before we waste time on a show that tanks after the first episode.


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2 Responses to “What Should Stuff Watch?”

  1. Corey Caudill Says:

    I voted, Community looks like its going to grow and be funnier.

  2. Gee x 3 vee I Says:

    Originally I had written in a vote for The Cleveland Show. I just finished watching the Modern Family pilot episode. I would like to retract my write in vote. It’s like Married with Children has come back from the grave and coupled with the remnants of Arrested Developement and given birth to a semi-retarded version of both. Modern Family isn’t as funny as either of the shows it seems to draw the most from, but at least it resembles them, and you can laugh at old jokes that you remember while you watch this new show. You guys should watch it.

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