Missing: Demonoid


If you belong to certain circles on the internet, you may have noticed on of the more well known “free rental sites” has gone dark. Usually in times like these, the internet will panic, crying out that powers beyond their control have swooped in and crushed the site. In Demonoid’s history it’s not the first time the site has encountered problems.

There is no need to panic in this latest outage. The admins of Demonoid have said that the time they are down is due to technical problems. Citing that recent power outages has caused RAM and hard drive issues and will be taking this time to fix things and get the site up and running again.

The outage initially started September 15th and as of the posting of this article the site is still down. They also mention that the time they are down could take days to come back online. Nothing to panic about, they will be back.

Demonoid has been out once before, back in 2007 the site went down due to legal threats to their service provider. Six months later the site found new hosting and came back online for the Pirate masses to once again set sail.

In the mean time, downloaders will need to find another place to get their “free rentals.” Be careful out there, don’t get any junk files.

Source: Torrent Freak


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One Response to “Missing: Demonoid”

  1. KingMe1220 Says:

    I want my free shit god dammit!

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