Things I Learned From Video Games: How to Escape Prison


The Cardboard Box. One of Snake’s most useful tools. Simple, breaks down easy, and you never notice it until it’s too late. This can be a good thing for Snake, but a terrible thing if you’re a guard. It usually ends in your neck being broken then your body being stuffed in a locker or something. This story isn’t about Snake and his box, it’s about Double-Murder suspect Jean-Pierre Treiber and his escape from prison.

Jean-Pierre Treiber escaped from a high security prison recently using a cardboard box. He packed himself into the box, which was then loaded onto a truck and transported him out of the prison. Once outside of the prison, he picked a good spot and jumped off the truck. He is now at large and police can’t find him.

Treiber has been charged for murdering French actor Roland Giraud’s daughter Geraldine, and her friend Katia Lherbier. He had been in prison since 2004 awaiting trial. His defense? He didn’t do it! If that’s all you have to say to stay out of prison then our lock ups would be empty.

But maybe he really didn’t do it. The forensics guys did tests on the tape found on the victims mouths and the DNA did not match his. The bodies were found dumped in a well on his property, which is unfortunate, but still doesn’t prove guilt. Usually an innocent man won’t try and escape, unless it’s to set up for a sweet action crime thriller movie staring Harrison Ford or Westley Snipes!

Surprisingly it’s not the first time this has happened. Back in November a Turkish prisoner used the same method used in France and escaped a German Prison. Could this be a growing trend?

Source: Telegraph and BBC News


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