New Health music video is bloody


It’s rare that I dedicate a whole post to one video, but this video has too much to talk about. If you can’t stand gore, then you might want to pass on this one.

Health – Die Slow

So I guess noise bands are now making awesome dance music. Dance punk was pretty big, will ‘dance noise’ be the next gimmick that becomes overdone via high Pitchfork ratings? I don’t know, but I can’t stop listening to this song. I think it’s the perfect blend of noisy-unmusical-advant-garde bs with simple dance music that anyone can move to. And on top of that, the vocals are pretty catchy too. And look, I could say the exact same for the video, how perfect is that. But what exactly does this video mean? I think Health might have become a cult or maybe the Director has watched too many Takashi Miike movies. Is mass suicide trendy in 2009? I think the people in this video are sad because Justice became mainstream and then fell off the map after making a dissapointing follow up to their album Cross.

a cross the universe

Are indie concerts more dangerous than gangsta rap concerts now? I’m kind of afraid that the more I watch this video, the closer I might get to ending up like the victims in the audience. Have you ever killed yourself for your favorite band? Is that number the hotline for Suicide Club?

suicide club


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One Response to “New Health music video is bloody”

  1. Bloggable Music Vids: Los Fever Rays! « Stuff Says:

    […] It’s great to be a Los Campesinos! fan, every time I think “I could go for a new LC! song” they deliver. This new song is pretty different from their old approach to sad lyrics with happy music… now it’s just sad everything. I’m kind of worried about the Campesinos; with out irony they just seem depressed. I hope they don’t end up like the audience in Health’s Die Slow vid. […]

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