There has been talk about a live action Akira movie for some time now. Latest new was that it was dead and buried, that no one was working on it. Turns out that was a lie! There will be a live action Akira movie. That is really a mixed blessing.

The reason that news on Akira went quiet was because Warner Bros. wanted to wait until the script was done. The new script is being done by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby. Don’t know them? That’s alright, they worked together to write Children of Men and portions of Iron Man. This could be good and bad news for Akira fans.

For one, you will never please fans, it’s just not possible. Someone out there will complain no matter what. Children of Men was a pretty awesome movie, so we can hope that kind of writing is being applied to Akira. Question remains what the movie will be about. If it is just a live action version of the anime movie, then it will be a straight forward remake. If they use the original Manga for the story then there will be a lot more content. The manga series goes on for nearly 30 volumes and is barely touched for the anime movie.

Akira is expected for a 2011 release.

Source: Collider

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