Alright, who brought Pig Flu to the party?


pig fluLooks like someone brought H1N1 to the Penny Arcade Expo. H1N1, a.k.a. Swine Flu or Pig Flu ( I’ve always liked Pork Lung, but that’s just me).

Robert Khoo, a PA staff member, is telling people to go get checked out. Just as a precaution, especially if you show the signs of Piggy Pox infection.

There were 60,000+ people at PAX this year. If you were one of those 60k and show symptoms or even feel strange, carry yourself to a doctor and get checked out.

Gabe has posted a few of the flights that had passengers on them with confirmed cases.

Departed Sunday:
JetBlue #498, Seattle to Boston, Departed Sunday Night
United #356, Seattle to Denver, Departed Sunday Afternoon

Departed Monday:
Alaska Airline #12, Seattle to Boston, Departed Monday Morning
Delta #1050, Seattle to Atlanta, Departed Monday Morning

You guys might need to read over my flu article if this stuff keeps spreading. This Patient Zero should have just stayed home, that is if they in fact knew they had the Bacon Sniffles. It’s completely possible to not know you have it.

If you were at PAX and have a confirmed case of Bacon, Lettuce and Flu then contact Robert Khoo via email ( with your flight information.

For more information about H1N1 check the CDC website.


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