Advertisments that inspire


The writers here at stuff are no strangers to the business of advertisement, so it’s only proper that we share with you some commercials that make us question the line between art and advertisement.

I have no idea what this commercial is selling, but after watching this, I want some. This commercial makes me kind of sad that life isn’t more like Dr. Suess books. Sure wish I could fit an environment friendly car in my back pocket or replace gas stations with gumball machines. With transportation like that, I could be late everywhere I go and no one would care. I hear this is what Iceland is like (via Bjork).

I’m not really ‘into’ cars, but this commercial makes me want to be. This commercial also makes me kind of concerned about how much money is being put into making Cadillacs. I never really understood the point of making a luxury car go fast, I’m sure anyone who can afford them can also afford to be a little late.


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