Lucky’s Tournament Results!


North Carolina blew it up this weekends with their Lucky’s September Tournament featuring Street Fighter 4, Blazblue, King of Fighters 12, 3rd Strike, Melty Blood, Street Fighter 2 HDR, and Guilty Gear Accent Core. There was drama, tears, and sweet, sweet victory. Here are the results and a special thanks from Cajun Strike:

Much thanks to everyone who come out from GA, SC, VA, MD and all kinds of people from within the state that I’ve never met before. Good to see everyone again too. Sorry for the long tournament; in retrospect, I probably should have played a lot less, and a 30 man KOF XII definitely needs more than two TVs. We wouldn’t have finished at the time we did had it not been for everyone helping.

Special thanks to Justin, Bryan, Phil, and Blake for helping to run the brackets, and to Will, Demo, Dez, Julian, Blake, Blackula, and Brent for helping out with all kinds of random shit, and to Magnicious and Cool-Breeze for helping out with the feed.

Awesome turnout. 65 people is solid as hell for us. All you new NC heads keep coming through! Good matches to everyone, and I’ll try not to play like a moron next time.

SF4 (38 players)
1.Automattock Jibbo DP (Gen, lost to no one)
2.Eric Kim (Sagat, lost to Automattock Jibbo DP x 2)
3.Cajunstrike (Sagat, lost his books and sonned by Eric Kim x 2)
4.RugiOHH (Akuma, lost to Eric Kim, Cajunstrike)
5.Ryry (Dhalsim, lost to Automattock Jibbo DP, Rugi)
5.Nickmasterx aka Billy the Bastard (Sagat, lost to Automattock Jibbo DP, Cajunstrike)

KOF XII (26 players)
1.abstyles (lost to no one) – repping RDU
2.Cajunstrike (lost to abstyles x 2)
3.Psoul (lost to abstyles, Cajunstrike)
4.Saisyu (lost to Psoul, Cajunstrike)
5.Ryry (lost to Psoul, Saisyu)
5.Jibbo (lost to abstyles, Cajunstrike

BlazBlue (22 players)
1.Frank the Tank (Nu, Rachel, lost to Zoogstin once)
2.Zoogstin (Carl, lost to Frank the Tank)
3.VR-Raiden (lost to Frank x 2)
4.Beast of Fire (Ragna, lost to maxwell, VR-Raiden)
5.Maxwell (lost to Zoogstin, Beast of Fire)
5. abstyles (lost to Frank, VR-Raiden)

MBAA (15 players)
1.Frank the Tank (Akiha, lost to no one)
2.Moosen (Warachia, lost to Frank x 2)
3.purifyweirdsoul (Reisbyfe, lost to Frank, Moosen)
4.Psoul (lost to purify, Moosen)
5.Tarnish (lost to Frank, Psoul)
5.Pacstrife (lost to tarnish, Moosen)

GGAC (12 players)
1.Frank the Tank (May, lost to Zoogstin)
2.Beast of Fire (Order-Sol, lost to Frank x 2)
3.Zoogstin (Zappa, lost to BOF, Frank)
4.DBC (lost to BOF, Frank)
5.Pacstrife (Sol, lost to BOF, Frank)
5.purify (Ky, lost to DBC x 2)

3rd Strike (18 players)
1.Eric Kim (Ken, lost to no one)
2.Face (Chun, lost to Knuckledust, Eric Kim)
3.Knuckledust (Makoto, lost to Eric Kim, Face)
4.Saisyu (Alex, lost to Eric Kim, Face)
5.Loborine (Ryu, lost to Eric Kim, Face)
5.Cajunstrike (Makoto, lost to Tom, Saisyu)

Great tournament and it’s a shame that MORE people didn’t show up. Everett or myself will post later with pics and vids.


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