Imagine Masdar


Masdar City,masdar meaning literally “The Source” is the city of the future. Masdar City claims to be the worlds first self sufficient city, with no carbon foot print and recycling everything. There is just something I can’t quite put my finger on…

Check out this promotional video about Masdar City.

They recreated Rapture…You know from the game Bioshock? The whole “scientific advancement” plugging and even the public transit is similar to the bathyspheres used in the game.

Maybe I’m just putting too much into it…But once Splicers take over the city don’t come crying to me!

Now I’m not knocking the production of a pure city. In fact, more power to them, if this one takes off and works maybe it will push other cities to become like it.

For more information about Masdar City, would you kindly click the link to their page?


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