Flickchart: The Ultimate Versus


Looking to waste about 4 hours of your life? Check out Flickchart. Ever been sitting with your friends and said “Which movie was better?” and then a huge debate starts up, words are said, insults are thrown, fights break out, then you go back to playing video games.

With Flickchart it narrows the debate down to one or the other. It shows you 2 posters, you click the one for the movie you prefer. Then it sets up a list of your all time favorite movies. For some reason it said 2 Fast 2 Furious was my favorite of all time….

You will then spend the next 4 hours smashing movies together. Which was better, Return of the Jedi or Finding Nemo, Psycho or King Kong. The movies almost never match up to what they are normally paired with. It’s hard to compare Jedi’s to Clown Fish.

Check out Flickchart and make your list.


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