Tommy Oliver fighting again!


Power_Ranger_by_herms85This time he won’t be fighting giant city crushing monsters. Jason David Frank, the former Green, White, Red Zeo, Red Turbo, and Black Dino Thunder Ranger, will be stepping into the ring of a Mixed Martial Arts fight. This won’t be a fair fight at all, he will Morph and tear the other guy’s head off!

In 2007 Frank was supposed to go into the ring, but had to back out due to the rules of the match changing. He was under the impression that it would be an official MMA fight, but it was changed to a Boxing exhibition match. Two years later he’s back and ready to duke it out in the ring.

After leaving his role of a Power Ranger in Power Rangers:Turbo he used his knowledge of Martial Arts and continued his career there. He now currently owns 4 dojos.

He continued his training and now is ready to step into the ring. He’s said he isn’t looking for any specific titles, he just wants to give his fans something to watch.

I just want those classic Ranger yells he did, those were nuts!

Source: Sports Illustrated

Image from: Matt Herms


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