Are you addicted to the Internet?


The ReSTART center for Internet Addiction has released a list of signs to tell if you’re addicted to the internet. I was mostly shocked to find out that there were entire centers dealing with addiction to the Internet. Who would have guessed?

The 11 signs of Internet Addiction are:

  • Increasing amounts of time spent on Internet
  • Failed attempts to control behavior
  • Heightened euphoria while on Internet
  • Craving more time on Internet, restless when not there
  • Neglecting family and friends
  • Lying to others about use
  • Internet interfering with job and school
  • Feeling guilty or ashamed of behavior
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Weight changes, backaches, headaches, carpal tunnel
  • Withdrawl from other activities

I’ve got a couple of those signs…But I can quit anytime I want! Watch I’ll quit right now! Look, I’m quitting!….Who am I kidding…

Source: Seattle Times


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