Is Patrick Wolf the (ex) satanic Kevin Barnes?


patrick wolf

Does anyone know if Patrick Wolf and Kevin Barnes are the same person? They both seem down for a David Bowie concert or down for wearing some glitter.

I remember reading in an interview that Patrick Wolf used to chill with satanists and do some pretty unchill stuff. I’m not sure if he was speaking literally or just talking about his art persona. I’d be pretty disappointed to learn that Patrick Wolf is just a character like Shaft or James Bond. If he is a real person, I’m kind of afraid he has lost all sense of reality. This is an on going problem for alternative musicians who become victims of art and forget how to function in the ‘real world’.

Or maybe Wolf just understands the world more. People who think he looks like a villain from Batman just don’t ‘get’ him. Pigeons are meant to be chased, people are meant to hear you sing. I’m glad people who ‘don’t understand art’ exist so they can take care of less important stuff like food and technology. I think if every school was an art school then we would focus more on the meaning of science rather than its function. What is a TV after all? Sure some of you understand how it works, but do you really understand what it is?

It’s a shame Bjork wasn’t my science teacher. It’s a shame public schools didn’t teach me to have an interest in art early on so I can understand Patrick Wolf more. I enjoy his music, but after I turn it off, there’s an automatic disconnect as if I was dreaming. It’s a shame I’m not able to think alternative art 100% of the time.


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