We settle this in the Thunderdome!


Think you’re a fan of the Mad Max trilogy? Think again. This man just moved his entire family to the town where Mad Max was filmed, just cause he loved the movie. He also build a replica of the car and even owns the same kind of dog.

I’ve only seen this type of dedication to film from Rocky Horror Picture Show fans, and they only do it about once a year!

Adrian Bennett moved his family, wife and two sons, to Australia. Silverton, Australia to be exact, the same town the first 2 movies were filmed. He even built his own Interceptor like Mel Gibson used in the Mad Max movies.

Along with owning a Blue Heeler named Dog, the same breed of dog that was Max’s canine partner in the second movie and is the same breed of dog as Dogmeat from the Fallout games, he plans to build and open a Mad Max themed Museum to bring more tourism to the Silverton area.

Next time you call yourself a die hard fan, remember this guy’s story. He moved his family from Yorkshire, that’s in England for those that didn’t know, all the way to a desert town in Australia. This man is dedicated!

Source: Times Online


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