Stuff’s $20 Box of Comics, 9/2/10


My box is STILL suffering from last weeks onslaught of issues. Unfortunately, due to my scholarly pursuits its hard to have this post completed every Tuesday for you guys. I can’t just leave you guys hanging, so here is the abridged version until later when I can make it fancy.

Agents of Atlas #10
-Agent’s of Atlas looks like they have been out gunned by Woo’s old flame, the Jade Claw. Now she takes this advantage to assault our team at every possible angle. Gorilla-man only sees one way to get out of this mess… What? No I’m not going to tell you. Go get it!

Deadpool #15
-Looks like Wade has the post-pirate blues. Now that pirating hasn’t filled the void he thought it would, he sits and wonders where he goes from here. When the television gives him a great idea…

Ghost Riders: Heaven on Fire #2
-Jason Aaron doesn’t joke around with his stories. Johnny Blaze, Son of Satan, and Jaine Cutter are all on a quest to find the Anti-Christ and protect him from the rouge angel Zadikel. Which is proving difficult because Zadikel is going all out to try and destroy him. And where does Johnny’s brother Danny fit into all of this? The first issue was a blast, and I feel like it will be the same for this one.

Immortal Weapons #2
-It’s Cullen Bunn’s turn to take a stab at one of the characters. He tells the story of The Bride of Nine Spiders, and it’s full of myths, action and terror.

Invincible Iron Man #17
-Tony is losing his mind. Quite literally. He is almost at the end, but with his mind fading fast can he keep it together enough to keep Osborn from getting a hold of what is in his head? Read to find out!

Proof #23
-Conclusion; with murder! Here is what is on every other summary of this issue: “‘Julia,’ conclusion. The Julia arc concludes with a cold-blooded murder. Queen Victoria would have censored this issue.” So yeah, that’s what it’s about.

Which leaves us at… 19.45!!

Nice. Just a perfect amount for this week. If I had the money I would pick up these: Black Panter #8, Cable #18, Iron man and the Armor Wars #2, and Marvel Zombies Return #1.

Not at big as last week. But to me that’s a good thing because last week was TOO big. As always you can pick up these and other great titles at your local comic shop (similar to Velocity Comics here in Richmond VA). I’ll come through later tonight with the sweet screens and the rest of the summaries! Promise!


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