Mudkips on verge of EXTINCTION!!


kipsSo I herd u liek Mudkips. No you didn’t just fall into a 4chan meme, these creatures are real. They are called Axolotls, one of the creatures Mudkip from Pokemon was based on. And now their very existence on this planet is in danger, probably due to some kid throwing red balls at them…

The Axolotl is a salamander that spends its entire life in the larval stage. It’s the animal that never grew up. These rare creatures even have the ability to regenerate limbs, I wish I could do that!

A recent study has shown that there are probably less than 1,200 of the creature in the Xochimilco area of central Mexico. This area is the last place to find your very own mudkip, and their numbers are falling.

Scientists believe that poor water quality is to blame for the thinning Axolotl population. More than likely due to us, pollution, and other crap we have done to the environment. Way to go Human Race! Don’t worry it’s not all our fault, they have also found a large number of carp and talapia fish living in the area that the Axolotl is food to. Better watch out, those carp will evolve into a Gyarados at level 20…

mudkip dont like

Source: BBC Earth News


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