Fantastic Four not going to Disney so easily


I think comic fans are still in shock over the news that Disney bought Marvel. Fantastic Four fans won’t have to worry about that so much…at least if they are fans of the movies!

Variety is reporting that Fox is in the works on making a Fantastic Four “reboot.” I hate calling things reboots, especially if it’s not even old! Akiva Goldsman has been hired on as a producer for the project, while Heroes and Green Lantern writer Michael Green is doing the script work.

It’s unclear if the original cast will come back. Since it’s a reboot and it just started no one is sure yet. As long as Fox continues to make movies using the Four they will remain a Fox movie property. Along with any other Fox movie super heroes, such as the X-Men, Daredevil, and Silver Surfer. They also hold the rights to Wolverine from the recent spin off that most blocked from their minds, along with Deadpool, Gambit and Magneto for their spin off movies.

Source: Variety


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